My first photo book


Photographer - Roy Rubianto[black N white photos]Editing & Sequencing - Roy Rubianto & Oscar Motuloh.Text - Roy Rubianto & Oscar Motuloh. Text editor & Translator - Bambang Sulistiyo & Dinda Jouhana. Publisher - self published 
ISBN 978-602-9342-12-3.
Product Dimensions - 15 cm x 17 cm; 92 pages.

1st edition, 100 print [December 27, 2013]
2nd edition, 100 print [January 10, 2014]

Language - Indonesia/English.

Breaking news 23 02 2013

News and images in the media about the Indonesian Democratic Party, chairman Anas Urbaningrum, after he was named a suspect in a corruption case by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for allegedly accepting bribes related to the construction of Rp 1.17 trillion ($ 120.72 million) Hambalang sports complex in Bogor, West Java. Photo by Roy Rubianto.

The same place in flooded areas with different moments

A green wall in flooded areas attracted me to stand before him. The presence of a different moment created between me and the green wall in the flood area. As seen scenes of a big show about the place I was born and lived until now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Flooding became a routine visit to Jakarta with the level of the problem and a different solution. Photo by Roy Rubianto.


Deforestation. The business of pulp, palm oil and wood are causing the deforestation of Sumatera, the largest island owned by Indonesia, and is contributing global climate change to the extinction of many of the world's rare species. Photo by Roy Rubianto.

a journey to Mentawai after Tsunami

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a Journey to Mentawai after Tsunami. Humanitarian aid for victims of the tsunami in Mentawai, West Sumatra, Indonesia. At that time local media reported that on Monday, October 25, 2010, at approximately 21:42 the waves as high as 2 meters wiped out hundreds of houses. More than 500 people died as a result of 7,2 magnitude earthquake that shook the Mentawai Island, West Sumatera, Indonesia. Photo by Roy Rubianto.